Kids Parties

Give your child a Birthday Party
they will never forget!!!

Let Peter create an amazing tailor-made magic show that will keep the youngsters glued to their seats. During the performance, Peter will ensure your child gets to be the STAR of the show as his Magician’s Assistant for the day and help create some of the magical effects and memories that will last a lifetime. Watch as the children’s smiles will turn into a look of astonishment, laughter turn into screams of delight as the impossible becomes reality! The magic happen will happen right in their hands. The show will be geared specifically to the ages of the children in the audience. The perfect party entertainment option for children aged between 5 to 16 years of age

For the next Harry Potter, Hermione or Ron

Here’s something totally different for a Birthday Party!

Peter offers a ONE HOUR Introductory to Magic workshop, where he teaches a selection of simple tricks that can be performed with very little practice. There is very little sleight-of-hand involved and most of the tricks are self-working, meaning we can concentrate on performance and showmanship with each effect.
In a ONE HOUR workshop all the children at the party learn a number of tricks. The tricks are amazing to watch but amazingly simple to learn. Best of all, all the props that are required to perform the tricks are given away to the learners to keep and continue practicing with at home. The children will be performing magic to their family and friends in no time! No previous experience is needed. Magic Workshops are truly one of the best party options for children aged 5 and over. Different tricks are selected for different age groups.

Why not combine a 30 minute magic workshop with a 30 minute magic show – the best of both worlds!!


Bonus Magic Set!

As a special added bonus your child will be presented with a special birthday present… A Magic Set! Your child will be able to perform amazing magic in minutes after opening the box!

This is free birthday gift for them, just because we know how special they are!