The right show for the right event


Whether you are entertaining people for work or a private event, who you hire can make or break your party.

Peter’s magic works perfectly in a range of settings from backyard barbecues to corporate functions. Roving close up magic or formal close up magic could be right for your event or talk to Peter about personalising his show.

show-icon-1Roving close up magic

This form of entertainment is perfectly suited to intimate settings such as pre-dinner drinks, cocktail parties, weddings or any function where people are scattered about.

Peter will go from group to group, table to table and perform intricate sleight of hand magic. As hard as your guests try to see behind the magic, Peter is a true master of his trade. Watch as Peter performs ‘telepathy’ or makes that piece of ‘missing’ jewellery appear in a burst of flame.

This style of roving close-up magic is the perfect ice breaker or ‘filler’ that will help the proceedings flow, and raise the level of excitement at your event.

show-icon-1Formal close up magic

Peter offers a professionally structured magic show of the highest calibre featuring some of the most visually stunning and original magic you will ever see. Audience members sit casually around Peter as he treats them to a variety of mind-blowing sleights of hand with intelligence, humour and skill.

Shows are usually just under 40 minutes long, but can be extended or shortened to suit your needs.

Audience size: Up to 70 people

show-icon-1Special Events

Over the last ten years Peter has performed at many exclusive events including media events, PR functions and high profile charity events as well as private functions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthday celebrations. Peter can theme the magic (for a product launch for instance) or use the magic to deliver a special message.

He will work closely with you to personalise his show for your event.

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